ADAPT Scotland is an organisation that offers bespoke parenting and therapeutic support programmes to adoptive and foster parents who are caring for traumatised children.  

Their website provides many free articles and podcasts that you can download.

Adoption UK in Scotland. Operating from their office base in Edinburgh it provides across Scotland information, support and advice to those parenting children who are no longer able to live with their birth family. It includes a help line, online support systems, training workshops and support groups. Their members magazine 'Adoption Today' has the latest news, advice from experts, real life insights and ideas for families.

AFA - The Adoption and Fostering Alliance Scotland was established following the demise of the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) in July 2015.
It continues to provide services in collaboration with CoramBAAF, Adoption & Fostering Academy in England, which supports agencies and professionals who work with children and young people. 
AFA is an independent charitable organisation based in Edinburgh, dedicated to improving outcomes for children in care by providing support to all those working in the field of adoption and fostering and the care of looked after children. Services include training, counselling, advice, Panel chairing, research, Practice Forums, disruption meetings.


CairnsMoir Connections are specialist book suppliers for those living or working with people impacted by trauma. They provide conference and event bookstalls, online sales and resource signposting, importing the best international publications, and highlighting the latest research

in child development, therapeutic interventions and training opportunities across the UK.

Scottish Attachment in Action (SAIA) is a national charity committed to promoting better experiences of attachment in the Scottish population, in order to effect positive changes in policy and practice in education, care and health. Access to the regular network seminars

and SAIA membership is open to parents, carers, professionals, academics and organisations.

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