• Emotional support – a listening ear and sounding board to talk over issues and concerns.


  • Training opportunities – PACS funds its local adopters and carers to attend conferences and workshops to learn and develop a deeper understanding of their role as parents. Examples of topics covered can be seen in the PACS Newsletters on this website.
    Our in-house events are led by Fiona Lettice and Barbara Godden, experienced adopters and trainers. They are held on Saturdays, with creche services available and lunch provided.


  • Regular PACS Newsletters – we have a circulation list of 91, including families, social workers, education, health and other professionals.


  • Social events such as our New Year party, held jointly with AdoptionUK, providing the much appreciated opportunity for adopters and adopted children to get together.

  • Five PACS publications written by adoptive parents, based on the concept of attachment, which has made a valuable contribution to the understanding of children’s development.

  • Maintaining the PACS

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